Kitchens Projects – wood and metal

Despite its vulnerability to moisture, scratches, and stains, wood, especially butcher block, remains popular. Its warm look is particularly suitable for country or traditional kitchens. Hardoww counters are easy to work on and relatively ease to maintain. Pools of water will do damage, howerver, if not wiped up right away. Your wood counter will eventually show stains anda scratches. Some cooks link periodically sand out imperfections and reseal the wook with nontoxc mineral oil.

Recent studies have shown that wook is a sanitary material with inherent properties that project it from built-up bacteria. Metal is also sanitary, and the only countertop material that can be safely cleaned with bleach. A great addition to a trendy pro-style kitchen or a minimalist design, metal counters – usually sainless stell – are popular opitions. Sainless stell is impervious to heat, water, anda stains. It can ben formed into an integral sink and countertop configuration and is extremely durable (the lower the gouge, the thicker the material). On the down side it´s expensive and noisy to work on unless it´s cushioned with extra plywook. A Satin or brushed finish can disguise some of the scratches that come with time and use.

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